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Ranikhet Tourist Information

Ranikhet Tourist Information

Ranikhet Tourism & Ranikhet Tourist Places


Ranikhet Distance

Best Time To Visit

1,869 Meters Above From Sea Level
Delhi - 358 KM - Kathgodam - 80 & Pantnagar - 110
March To June & September To November (December To February For Snow Lovers)

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Ranikhet Tourism – Ranikhet Tourist Information


Ranikhet is a beautiful hill station situated in the Almora district of Uttarakhand, India. It is situated at an altitude of around 1,869 meters or 6,132 feet above sea level. Surrounded by the lofty Himalayan peaks, it provides a serene and peaceful environment for tourists seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. The picturesque town is adorned with lush green forests, vibrant orchids, and charming temples, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.


Ranikhet provides ample opportunities for trekking, camping, and bird watching. Some popular tourist attractions in Ranikhet include the Jhula Devi Temple, Chaubatia Orchards, Bhalu Dam, and the Kumaon Regimental Center Museum. Ranikhet is also famous for its delectable cuisine and local handicrafts, which make for excellent souvenirs.


Tourists can easily access Ranikhet through well-connected roads and the nearest railway station, Kathgodam, is located approximately 80 km away. There are several resorts and hotels in Ranikhet that provide comfortable accommodations to visitors. With its picturesque setting and tranquil surroundings, Ranikhet is the perfect destination for a rejuvenating vacation.


Ranikhet Tourist Places (Attractions)


Some major tourist attractions in Ranikhet include the Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum, which showcases the history and achievements of the Indian Army; the Chaubatia Gardens, which is a beautiful apple orchard known for its variety of exotic fruits and flowers; the Bhalu Dam, which is a perfect spot for picnics and boating; and the Jhula Devi Temple, an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Durga.


Other attractions in Ranikhet include the Majkhali, an offbeat destination known for its quietude and natural beauty; the Rani Jheel, which is a serene lake surrounded by lush green forests; the Haidakhan Temple, which draws spiritual seekers from all over the world; and the Mankameshwar Temple, a revered temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.


With a range of tourist attractions and activities, Ranikhet offers a perfect combination of leisure and adventure for all types of visitors.


Adventure Activities in Ranikhet


One of the most popular activities in Ranikhet is trekking. There are several trekking routes that offer stunning views of the Himalayan range and its valleys. Adventure seekers can also opt for camping and rock climbing in Ranikhet.


Paragliding is another activity that one can enjoy in Ranikhet. Soaring high above the hills and experiencing the serenity of nature is an exhilarating experience. For those who love water sports, kayaking and white water rafting are available in nearby rivers.


For wildlife enthusiasts, Ranikhet offers an opportunity to explore the diverse flora and fauna of the region. Jeep safaris in the nearby national parks and bird watching are popular activities in Ranikhet.


Whatever adventure activity one may choose, they are sure to have a thrilling experience amidst the calm and serene surroundings of Ranikhet.


Best Time to Visit Ranikhet


The best time to visit Ranikhet is from March to June and from September to November. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and the temperature ranges between 15°C to 25°C.


In the summer months, the weather is cool and comfortable, making it perfect for nature walks and trekking. The winter months, from December to February, can be quite chilly with temperatures dropping to sub-zero levels and snowfall, making it a picturesque destination.


However, the weather during monsoon, from July to August, can be unpredictable, with heavy rainfall and landslides. Hence, it is advisable to avoid visiting Ranikhet during monsoon.


Fair & Festivals


One of the most prominent festivals is the Sharadotsav, also known as the Autumn Festival, celebrated in October. This festival is a vibrant display of local culture and traditions, with folk music, dance performances, and delicious local cuisine.


The Ranikhet Golf Course also hosts a Winter Carnival every January, featuring adventure sports, food stalls, and cultural programs.


Another popular festival is the Syalde Bikhauti Mela, held in April, which honours a local goddess and involves a colourful procession and traditional performances.


The Bagwal Fair is also an important event, celebrated in August, where two groups from different villages participate in a stone-throwing competition.


Overall, these festivals and fairs are a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of Ranikhet and are a must-visit for anyone travelling to this part of India.


How to Reach Ranikhet


Ranikhet can be reached by various means as below.


By Air: Pantnagar airport is the nearest airport, which is about 110 kilometers away from Ranikhet and it takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Ranikhet by road.


By Train: Kathgodam railway station is the nearest railway station, which is about 80 kilometers away from Ranikhet and it takes 2 to 3 hours by road.


By Road: Ranikhet is well connected by road with major cities in the region. Regular buses and taxi services are available from nearby cities to reach Ranikhet.


Distance to Ranikhet


The distance to reach Ranikhet from different locations are as follows:


Distance from Delhi to Ranikhet is approximately 358 kilometers and it takes around 9 hours by road.


Distance from Kathgodam to Ranikhet is approximately 80 kilometers by road.


Distance from Pantnagar to Ranikhet is approximately 110 kilometers by road.


Nearest Railway Station


The nearest railway station to Ranikhet is Kathgodam railway station, which is located at a distance of about 80 km.


Nearest Airport 


The nearest airport to Ranikhet is Pantnagar Airport, located approximately 110 kilometers away.

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